Our Vision

To revolutionize the marketplace by seamlessly connecting buyers and sellers globally, creating an accessible, efficient, and transparent trading environment.

Our Mission

At Business Connected, our mission is to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers in Malawi, Africa, and worldwide. We aim to provide an intuitive and efficient platform that simplifies the process of finding and purchasing products through advanced search engines and automatic filters, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for all users.

Who We Are

Business Connected is a Malawian digital marketplace, digital venture capitalists and international trade facilitator.

Founded in 2015 and officially launched in 2018 as a trial project, Business Connected emerged to address the growing need for a seamless online marketplace. By early 2024, recognizing the market's demand for innovative solutions, we relaunched with a renewed focus. Our platform connects buyers with sellers, facilitating easy product searches and transactions through our advanced BC search engine and automatic filters. Whether you're looking for local or global products, Business Connected is your trusted partner in finding what you need quickly and efficiently. Join us as we transform the way the world trades.


Trusted by many companies and organisations

We have earned a strong reputation among individuals, companies, and organizations through our reliable and reputable services.